Understanding the big picture gives you perspective.


WP Financial is dedicated to serving and supporting Aboriginal employers with Group Benefit, Group Pension, and Individual Retirement decisions.

At the intersection of three worlds.

Our expertise is found at the intersection of three worlds. First, we have a deep understanding of Aboriginal people and communities, and the issues that impact Aboriginal employers and employees. Second, we have extensive experience with benefits, pensions, and retirement income options and the companies that offer these products. Third, we are experts at interpreting Federal and Provincial government policies and acts regarding health benefit and pension options. We are especially aware of the policies that affect Aboriginal people. No one else in Ontario offers this unique expertise; and certainly not with our experience.

Personalized services, near and far.

No one else in Ontario offers our unique expertise; and certainly not with our experience. We believe that providing excellent guidance requires knowing people and cultures in a way that you cannot learn from reading a book or surfing the Internet. What brings everything together is our approach to supporting and educating our clients. We deliver hands-on, personalized service including regular site visits to locations near and far, by hosting employee communication and education sessions, and through our annual conference where like-minded people discuss and explore the evolving needs and changing policies affecting Aboriginal employers.

Bringing clarity to complicated matters.

Whether it’s Health Canada’s commitment to benefits provided through Non-Insured Health Benefits (NIHB) or the Canada Revenue Agency interpretation and application of section 87, we get it! If an employer is looking to coordinate their benefit plan with what’s offered through NIHB, we have solutions. In terms of pensions, whether a plan is federally or provincially governed, our understanding of both is second to none. This is especially true when an employee’s employment ends and they would like to understand their termination or retirement options. The options and decisions for employers and employees can be overwhelming, but our team at WP Financial is well-trained and prepared to offer support with these decisions.